OPER 0.4

OPER 0.35

                         OPER 0.3                                                 OPER 0.23



Technical data   

Magnet Subsystem

Magnet Type:Open type permanent magnet (NdFeB) with vertical magnetic field and AMTC (adaptive magnet temperature control ) technique

Magnetic Field:0.5T ,0.4T ,0.35T ,0.3T ,0.23T

Opening of the Gantry: ≥ 300º

Homogeneity:20cm DSV <± 2ppm (FWHH)

                        40cm DSV<5ppm(Vrms)

Patient Gap:40cm  

Gradient Subsystem

Amplifler:Global purchased high performance OEM product

Gradient:15~25 mT/m (Single Axis),26~43 mT/m (Effective)

Slew Rate:48~70 mT/m/ms (Single Axis),83~120 mT/m/ms (Effective)

Nonlinearity:In a Ellipsoid of 40cm×40cm×38cm:<5%

RF Subsystem

Type of Transmitter and Receiver:Digital

Receiver Channels:4 channels,2 channels ,1 channels

Frequency of Transmitter and Receiver:DC~30MHz

Max. Gain of Preamplifier:30dB

Factor of Noise:0.3dB

Amplifier:6KW (Global Purchased High Performance OEM Product)

RF transmit coil:Flat

Receive Coils:Phase array coils,quadrature coils ,linear coils

Auto Prescanning Functions

Auto RF correction

Auto Frequency Lock 

Auto Gain Adjustment

Auto Recognition of Coils

Auto Tuning of Coils

Auto Linear Shimming Compensation

Auto High Order Shimming Compensation

Auto Phase Correction

Image Features

Image Type:T1Weighted , T2 Weighted, T2* Weighted, Proton Density Weighted, Diffusion, MRA, Water Suppressed , Fat Suppressed


Acquisition Matrix:64×64~1024×1024

Max. Display Martrix:1024×1024

Spatial Resolution:1mm (Head ,Normal Model )

                                 1.5mm (Body, Normal Model)

                                 0.5mm(Head ,High Resolution Model)

                                 0.75mm (Body,High Resolution Model)

Slice Orientation:Transversal, Sagittal, Coronal, Oblique, Multi-slice & multi-angle

Pulse Sequences

Spin Echo (SE)

Multi Slice Multi Echo (MSME)

Fast Spin Echo (FSE)

Fast Revovery Fast Spin Echo (FRFSE)

Single Shot Fast Spin Echo (SSFSE)

Multi Shot Fast Spin Echo (MSFSE)

Multi Shot Fast Spin Echo (MSFSE)

Inversion Recovery (IR)

Short Time Inversion Recovery (STIR)

Fluid Attenuation Inversion Recovery (FLAIR)

Inversion Recovery Fast Spin Echo (IRFSE)

2D Gradient Echo (2D GRE)

3D Gradient Echo (3D GRE)

Fast Gradient Echo

Turtbo Gradient Echo

Steady State Process Gradient Echo (SSPGRE)


3D MRA (3D TOF ) / (MOTSA)

Spin Echo Plannar Imaging (SEEPI)

Linear Scan Diffusion Imaging (LSDI)

Fat-water Separation Imaging (DIXON)

Rotate Acquisition Correction (RAC)

Special Techniques

Water Suppression 

Fat Suppression

Water Imaging (MRCP, MRU, MRM, etc)

Variable Phase Gradient Encoding

Magnetization Transfer Contrast (MTC)

Flow Compensation

Presaturation Tracing 

Over Sampling

Breath-hold Imaging 

Partial Acquisition

Parallet Acquisition

Optimized Bandwidth Acquisition

Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)

Tilted Optimized Nonsaturation Excitation (TONE)

ECG Gating

Respiratory Gating

Active Dynamic Shimming 

Motion Artifact Suppression

Metal Artifact Suppression and Acquisition Optimization

Elliptical K-space Coverage

Navigator Echo

Shared Echo

Patient Monitoring and Management

Inner Communication

Physiological Signal Monitoring System

Patient Database

OPER 0.5

Patient Table

3D Motorized Patient Table, Manual Operated Patient Table 

Load Capacity:240Kg

Image Display and Post-processing

Image Post-processing: Filter, Enhancement, Magnification, Cutting, Annotation, Image Translation, Auto Adjustment of Window Width and Window Centre

Image Analysis: ROI, Distance Measurement, Area Calculation,Histogram,Distribution of Gray Scale

Computer System

Host:Professional Image Workstation with Dual Processors 

Clock Speed:≥ 2.8 GHz

Network Interface Speed:1000M


Graphic Memory:128MB

Hard Disk:160GB

Compact Disk:CRW Writer or DVD Writer

Image Reconstruction Speed:285 images/s (256×256 matrix)

Image Display: 20" TFT (Max. Resolution:1280×1027)

Laser Printer Interface

Digital Interface

DICOM 3.0 Compatible

Image Transfer

Standard DICOM 3.0 Format

Compatible with PACS 

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