Product characteristic property

 (1) Long travel of the mould-opeining,Powerful pressure for the mould-locking; Applicable to the production of the deep cavity products.

 (2) An exquistitely-made screw for pre-plasticization,giving a uniform plasticization, good for mounding the precision engineering plastic parts.

 (3) 3-section temperature control,step less adjustment of the quick injection and back pressure.

(4) Balanced rising and falling of the forward-backward twin cylinders,allowing a still easier adjustment of the mould and easier cleaning of the material remainder.

 (5) Fixed lower mould plate,movable upper mould plate,giving a good positioning of the inlay panels,In addition,there is a finished product ejector.

 (6) The DGC-ZB series may be purchased with a shuttle table or with single mold side to move the work into an open area for eases of loading,unloading or automation through the use robotics or special equipment.

Parameters of design

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