Technical Index:

 Laser power: 30-150W  

 Cutting ply: 0-1mm  

 Marking speed: 7000mm/s  

 Processing area: 1600×1000 mm  

Minimum shaping character: Chinese character 1×1mm;Letter 0.4×0.4mm  

 Graphic format supported: BMP,PLT,DXF,JPEG  

 Repeat Location precision: <0.1mm  

 Cutting speed: 0-1200mm/min  

 Marking speed: 7000mm/s  

 Resolution ration: ≤4000 dpi  

 Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz  

 Gross power: <4kw  

 Operating temperature: 10-35°C

 Operating humidity: 50-95%  

 Net weight: 900kg

Dimension: 2314×2145×1412mm

Machine Configuration:


         High-precision bolt transmission                 Imported/domestic servo motor

             and positioning,error free


              Specialized F-O lens and                        Compatible with imported RF

            extending & focusing system                 laser systems with various powers   


Integration of marking and cutting, frame-shape machine structure, precise lead screw transmission, dual motor and full closed-loop drive control, with high precision and stability. 

 US-imported full metal RF CO2 laser with laser beam reaching TEM00 mode, stronger penetrating and cutting power; new optical length design minimizing the loss of light path, accomplishing the two functions—marking and cutting; light-attenuation free for large-breadth processing, keeping processing areas consistent.  

 Multi-shaft linked action, advanced software compensation and correcting technology, high accuracy and efficiency in large-breadth pattern combination; industrial computer control, powerful functions, easy operation, high reliability, anti-interference performance and adoptability. 

 Open-style design for the whole machine, multiple interfaces and input/output signal available, dynamical control over the externally set states, customized services.

Application Area:

  Application Materials

Suitable for fabric, leather, woolen, paper, Al-coated film, plastic, rubber, wood and bamboo, composite material, etc.

  Application Industry

Application fields include: high speed laser processing of large-breadth fabric, leather and paper; marking, holing and cutting for personalized fabric, woolen, wood and bamboo; specially suitable for users who need comprehensive processing of marking, cutting and carving in such industries as garments, fabric, leather, furniture, package, ad, decorative article, paper product, template, etc.

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