(A) Basal Configuration:

★. (a) single hopper


 Bin cubage: 3.5m3

 The bin width: 2.6m 

 Loading height: 2.27m  

★. (b) Titled belt feeding conveyer


 Belt width: 400mm

 Motor power: 3 KW


 Conveying belts will be equipped with tightening device, frequency conversion timing motor. 

★. (c) Drying drum assembly

Components and specification:

1). Dryer drum


 Drum diameter: 1m

 Drum length: 4.5m

 Motor power: 5.5 KW   

 Driving type: gear and gear ring mesh driving;

2). Elevator 

① oblique, single row of chain;

② specification: motor power: 3 KW;

3). Drawing fan system

Motor power of drawing fan: 5.5 KW

4). Mixture storage silo:

Cubage: 2m3, upper part is equipped with material induction device; discharging outlet equipped with temperature sensor; the discharging door structure adopts hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and so on; Motor power: 2.2kW

Mixture discharging height: 2.5 m;


The drying drum is driven by gear-tooth joggle with reliable capability; 

★. (d) Oil burning system

A China brand diesel oil burner; a set of oil pipelines and oil pump; 


 Oil consumption: 130kg/h; 

 drawing fan motor power: 3kw; 

 Oil pump motor power: 1.5kw.

 The diesel oil tank will be equipped by client himself;

★. (e) asphalt pipelines


Asphalt pump(one set); matched asphalt pipes; 


frequency conversion timing motor power: 2.2kw;

★. (f) Electric control system

1) Components: 

Electric operation platfrom and the cables from operation platfrom to the plant.

2) Characteristcis:

In electric control system, it is equipped with operation platfrom, main electrical parts and China famous ZHENGTAI OR DELIXI product with interlock and two-grade protecting device; manual control device, main motor current display, finishied mixture temperature display, frequency conversion timing for cold aggregate and asphalt is applied on operation platfrom; convenient and easy for operation.

(B) the plant technical parameter

 (1) Productivity (under standard conditions): 20 t/h

(2) oil consumption (under standard conditions): 5.5-7kg/t;

 (3) Operation mode: manual control; 

 (4) The figure dimension: (length×width×height): 15.6×15×6m

 (5) The total installed power: 25.15kw;   

(C) Technical Specifications

★. (a) The technique request about productivity

can be made clear that the productivity of asphalt mixing plant is that under the standard conditions, it must fulfill the requirements as below simultaneously:

 (1) Environment temperature: 20℃, standard atmospheric pressure;local altitude should be no more than 2000m;

 (2) The average humidity of Cold aggregate <5%;

 (3) The temperature of the hot mixture <160℃;

 (4) The mixture is of middle size, the density of stone material≥ 1600kg/m3

 (5) The content of sand material in mixture <35%;heat value of diesel oil should≥ 46055kJ/kg

 (6) The stone aggregate must accord with the proportion requirements of national technical specifications.

 (7) The cold aggregate must be clean, and it shouldn’t contain too much soil and sundries. The cold aggregate supply should be continuous.

 (8) The cold aggregate shouldn’t contain large quantities of oversize grain; otherwise it will cause jam and reduce the aggregate supply capability.

 (9) Moisture content in filler must be less than 0.5%, and no agglomeration in it; or it will lead to filler lacking and affect production. 

(10) The product capability includes asphalt ;

 (11) The asphalt should be with good wrapping capability, during standard mixing circle, the aggregate should be completely wrapped by asphalt; the asphalt temperature should be controlled in the scope of 150℃±5℃. The using asphalt is normal asphalt without any other additives.

★. (b) The requirements for fuel

A). Light oil: diesel oil,heat calorific power is no small than 46055kJ/kg; 

B). The heavy oil model is determined according to the selected main burner, heat calorific power is no small than 46055kJ/kg The customer needs to purchase heavy oil according the oil quality standard, and require the oil supplier to provide oil quality essay or the correlative certificates. The using fuel must have well burning and pulverization capability. Forbid using kinds of causticity fuel or the products from unqualified oil producing factory. (All the burner damage or failure that caused by diesel or heavy oil quality problem, the correlative damaged spare parts and customer oneself should afford the repair expense.

★. (c) The items of the customers equipped themselves:

 (1) The transformer, and also the cables from operation platform to transformer should be equipped by customers supplier can provide the type and requirement of the cable for reference. Calbes from operation platfrom to the plant will be supplied by Roady. 

 (2) The customer should build the foundation according to the load requirements and the foundation drawing provided by the supplier. The customer can increase or deepen the foundation concrete or redesign the plant installation foundation and accessory establishments.

 (3) The crane, power supply, electric welding equipment and other necessary instruments, material used for installation; the lube and grease for the equipment, the material used for foundation.

 (4) The required material during debugging and producing, sand, stone material, asphalt, fuel oil, heat transmitting oil, dumping car, loader and operator etc. the necessary test and assay.

 (5) The power supply system is 380v, 50Hz and should adopt single loop three-phase four-wire type, if there is any special requirement, it should indicate in the contract.

 (6) The other required equipment, instrument and work not mentioned in this configuration and specification.

 (7) According to the actual situation, the customer should be responsible for the anti-thunder device and earthing equipment himself.

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