Technical parameter:

★.Voltage: DC24V

★.Frequency: 50/60HZ

★.Power: 35W

★.Max. Bear Capacity: 120KG


 6 Build-in Action Mode

 Can operate in the normal and reverse direction

 Time for Reverse Direction:60S;Operated

Timing Range:30-120S,Default:30 seconds

 Time for Normal Direction:10 mins;Operated

Timing Range:0-30 Mins,Default:10 Mins

 Speed Range:10 Levels


★.Stimulate body movement

★.Accelerate blood circulation reduce appearance of cellulite

★.Enhance the movements of waist and abdomen to relax

★.Promote the peristalsis of stomach and intestine

★.Achieve the efficacies for body shaping and fitting purpose

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