Product characteristic property

 (1) Vertical mold-merged,vertical injection.

 (2) Screw bat of feed hopper adopted with alloyeteel,special handing on surface,durable in heat,wear and corrosion.

 (3) Plasticizing unit drove by hydraulic pressure motor,simple in structure and maintenance.

 (4) Screw bat type pre-plasticized installation,bigger capacity in plasticizing,good quality in mixed refine,accuracy in measuring.Minimum loss in injection pressure.

 (5) Injection pedestal can be risen and fallen,convenient in mold changing and cleaning off of remained material.

 (6) 3 stages of temperature control,2 levels of injection pressure,non-stage adjustment injection speed and back pressure,be suitted in precise shaping of engineering plastic.

 (7) Hydraulic pressure model in direct mold merged,simple in structure,convenient in mold adjustment,and the force of clamping can be easy adjusted,data can be read directly.

 (8) Big space between mold plate,better rigidity,very convenient in components embeded operation,also can heighten the pollars of machine,extend the space capacity of mold.

 (9) Adopted the way of fixing the lower mold plate and upper one fallen in mold merged procedure,no need to worry about the movement of embeded components,assure the precision of products.

 (10) Lower pressure and speed mold-merged mold protected structure makes the machine very safe.

 (11) Computer procedure controlling system,tim,temperature,pressure controlled together,machine is very precise and the stoppage rate is very low.

Parameters of design

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