Product characteristic property

 (1) the vertical mode locking, the vertical injection organization design, suits the double color or the double material has a crustification product formation.

 (2) may depend on the product the injection weight request, selects differently projects the unit combination, achieves the highest production efficiency and the lowest energy loss.

(3) the multi-station disc design, spin stabilization, the localization accurate, takes puts easy.

 (4) the pair compared to flows the flowing tubing head pressure return route design compared to the pressure, provides gathers the mold simultaneously to go against the function, but reduces largely the formation cycle the time.

 (5) the injection molding and the mode locking use the electronic ruler control, the multistage pressure and the speed regulation, may according to the product request hypothesis, the adjustment be convenient, guarantee product precision.

(6) the injecton molding system uses double shoots the cylinder, the double seat

cylinder, the double guide pillar design, the movement is steady, projects the precision to be high.

Parameters of design

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