SDC XPX Technology--- Smart Your Home!  

Unique Feature: bidirectional communication,wireless,working status checkable  

System Introduction:  

SDC XPX firstly took bidirectional technology to china market,it is competible with  

standard x10 signal,but more stable and response quickly

★. (1) Remote Control

a). The customers can control all the lights or appliance(for example the electric water  heater,electric curtain,air condition,potable water machine)on/off by the remote  

b). In the living room,they can check the working status of the lights or the appliance in  the bed room  

c). By this remote,they can control all the IR device in home,such as the Television,DVD or the acoustics  

d). By this remtoe,they can setup three scenes  

e). The signal of the remote controller can through the wall

★. (2) Telephone Control

The customers can control the lamps or appliance in their home by the mobile or the  

telepohne when they are outside.By this function,they can make home warm or cool in advance

★. (3) Web Control

The customer can control the lamps or appliance anywhere in the world by internet  

★. (4) Scene Control  

How amazing that you only press one key,then your light will OFF,your electric curtain

will close,your TV will On,and your AC will on too.They all work at the same time, just need you press one key.At the end,we could product many kind of scene

★. (5) Timing Control  

The customers can setup the devices on/off in advance.For example,they can setup the electric curtain ON at 8:30 and OFF at 20:30 every night.Share the beautiful time from the most beginning!  

★. (6) iphone/android apps control  

Do you want to control your home via your iphone/ipad/android device?It is simple.Just need install SDC XPX IOS/Andoid apps into your device,then you can realized it.If you install our IP camera too,you also can see your house in Iphone/ipad/android device at anywhere.

Installation Environments:  

Don't need put any special wires  

(It is better that there is the naught wire in the switch box)  

Controlling distance of the  IR transceiver(for air-condition)is more that 7 meters.included angle is no more than 15 degrees  

Supply one standard DTMF telephone line  

Working Voltage: XPX T10 AC220V/50HZ / XPX ZB Wireless AC110V/60-50Hz

Working Temperature: -5°C to 50°C   

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