Product details: Vertical CNC Gantry-type milling machine series

Parameter list:

Standard configuration:

 High intensity cast iron

 Ball screw and precision locknut made in Taiwan

 Spindle made in Taiwan

 Pressurized cylinder made in Taiwan

 oil paint made in Taiwan

 Zone axis and belt made in Taiwan

 Bearing import

 Coupling import

Linear Guideway import

 Stainless steel guideway defensive in X,curtain type defensive in Y

 Z to hydraulic balance station

 Centralized automatic lubrication system

 Mitsubishi  M65 control system, Mitsubishi AC servo system  

Configuration options:

Closed defensive cover

 Automatic Chip Removal System

 Cutting Cooling System

 ZF reducer

 gear type milling head

 The fourth axis

 Spindle cycle isothermal system

Electrical box heat exchanger


 Automatic Power Shutdown System

FANUC,Siemens numerical control system  

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