★.(1) Super-gluo to adapt to rapid-fire has greatly enhanced radio plastic Precision

★.(2) Five Station-plane hinge To increase the stability and speed up the time mode-locked

★.(3) Rapid response to variables sophisticated pump devices, transport Repeatability for stability, high accuracy and less energy consumption, Pressure deviations below 0.5%

★.(4) Mode-locked, and plastic archery top of the action using high-precision

E-degress-foot trip, the displacement accuracy can be set Up to 0.1 mm; European imports, quality assurance

★.(5) PID Temperature Control

PID barrel temperature control accuracy can be limited to ± 1ºC,The digital back pressure control also maintain a better plasticsation.

★.(6) Hydraulic system-Rexroth/THKIMEC

★.(7) The advanced computer control system with wide screen display is handy for simple operation

★.(8) Gear-transfer-mode device, fast stable

★.(9) Europe or Japan using imported oil valve; pipeline Concentrated to reduce the piping; with the use of high-level Seals to ensure leak-proof

★.(10) Quality smelting screw (optional)

The improved smelting screw (optional) is ideal for dinmishing the material temperature change because of axis deviation. besides it can also obtain a better pellet filling, air scavenging and color powder mixture result. 


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