PN-1490 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine

Technical Index: (PN-1080/1490 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine)

Engraving area: (1000×800)×(1300×800)×(1400×900)mm

 Laser power: 30-150w

 Engraving speed: 64000mm/min

Cutting speed: 36000mm/min

Minimum shaping character: Chinese character 2×2mm; letter 1×1mm

 Resolution ratio: ≤  4000dpi

 Power supply: AC220V±10%,50HZ

 Location precision: <0.01mm

 Gross power: <1250W

 Operating temperature: 0°C-45°C

Operating humidity: 5-95% (free of condensed water)

 Graphic format supported: BMP,GIF,JPGE,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG,DXF

 PN1080 Net weight: 276KG

 PN1490 Net weight: 410KG

 PN1080 Dimension: 1600×1310×1110mm

 PN1490 Dimension: 2000×1490×1160mm

Machine Configuration:


     DSP Controller and various IC groups       USB interface can saving PC source 


   Photoelectric coupling models insulating       Switch power supporting stable DC      various kinds of electromagnetic interfere           power for various IC Devices  


           Imported lens set specially for                 LCD control panel, user friendly 

                      laser processing    


Adopt advanced DPS control technology,which optimized the function of fast continuously cut curving and short cut processing path way,accordingly increase efficiency.It automatically equalize the diminishing of light during the whole operating to ensure the same cutting effect in different area.High-speed cutting control software and buffer function in high-speed movement improve production efficiency.

The up-to-date software provides the output of original pictures,compatible with the graph formats such as CAD,CAM of CAD, coreIDRAW software,to meet the pracitical design requirments of the end users.The advanced colour control supports various colours and the turns of the cutting it,can realize the one-time or partially output completely.

 It is the first domestic product that uses USB port to transimit data,equipped with large-capacity internal memory,improving working speed and efficiency greatly.

Application Area:  

  ■ Applicable Material

Nonmetal materials such as rubber,plastic,crystal,plexiglass,Acrylic,wood,bamboo,


  ■ Applicable Industry

Pocessing industries of large-scale engraving and cutting, such as packaging plate making,handicraft,advertisement & ornament, construction & fittings.

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