YAG-50DP Laser Marking Machine

Technical Index: (YAG-50DP/75DP Laser Marking Machine)

 Laser power: 50/75W  

Laser pulse frequency: <60KHz  

 Length of laser weave: 1064nm  

 Marking scope: 50×50/100×100/160×160/220×220(Optional)  

 Min line width: 50µm  

Min character: 0.2mm  

 Marker speed: 300 character/min,character high 1mm  

Mark deepness: ≤0.3mm  

 Repeat precision: ±0.01mm  

 Laser diode pointer: LD:<5mW,(LD red point);650nm (wave length)

 Power supply: 220V(±10%)/50Hz/15A  

 Gross power: <2.5KW  

 Operating temperature: 10°C-35°C  

 Cooling style: High precision constant temperature/closed loop water cooling

 Net weight: 225KG  

 Dimension: 1240×530×1370mm

Machine Configuration:


          Anti-interfere and high precise            High-speed scanning vibrating mirror

                   electronic system                                    imported from U.S.A


           Vibrating mirror power source                          Vibrating mirror drive


                             Revolver                                        Semi-conductor module


Software support Windows2000/winxp operating system,Cinese interface,multiple languages supported.

Supporting maximum 256layers of color separation in graphics,gray graphics. 

Self-designed patterns to be processed, powerful node editing ,vectorgraph creating,curves changed directly in the coures of creation.

Characters directly input in the software,supporting Trule Type,JSF and DMF;supporting self-created character data base and curve arrangement order.

Supporting barcode font (see 1D and Datamatrix, PDF417 2D barcodes)

Supporting liner filling and loop filling.

Supporting changeable texts. Contents of changeable texts can be determined by multiple forms:input via keypad and serial number.

Compatible with common graphic formats (bmp, jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,etc.)and vectorgraphs (dxf,dst,plt,etc.).

Powerful image processing function (grayscale coverting,white and black image converting,slope carving pretreatment,node processing,etc.)

Application Industry:   

Widely used in such industries as electronics,instrument,communication apparatus. packing ,beverage,battery,sanitary ware,machinery manufacturing,automobile part, jewelry,watch and clock ,medical apparatus,eye glasses and metalwork.This product can be integrated into the user’s prouduction line to realize online marking.  

Processing Features:   

 Delicate marking,high quality.

Poisonousless,non-pollution and environmental protection.  

 The process of engraving graphics can be computerized.  

 The laser mark is excellent in resistance to wear and anti-forging.  

High efficiency.  

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