YMRF-100 Laser Marking Machine

Technical Index: (YMRF-30~100 Laser Marking Machine)

 Marking scope: 110×110-300×300 mm  

Marking style: plane  

Output power: 30-100W  

 Cooling style: Air or water cooling

 Extender lens: 3-8times(Optional)  

 Length of laser wave: 10640nm  

 Response time: 0.8ms  

 Min line width: 0.2mm  

 Mark line speed: <7000mm/s  

Repeat precision: ≤0.01mm  

 Marking depth: ≤5mm  

 Min character: 0.8mm  

 Frequency of pulse: 20 KHz  

 Resolution ratio: 0.2mm  

 Net weight: 150KG  

 Dimension: 1080×530×1335mm

Machine configuration:


    Anti-interfere and high     Assemble original packaging          Assemble original

 precise electronic system  vibrating mirror power supplier   packaging vibrating mirror                                                                                                              driver


 Adopting devices according    F-0 lens and expanding      Power source system for

   to the international safe         bunch system imported         radio frequency laser

   standard for electronic                    from U.S.A                            generator

      and optical system  

                   Industrial control computer           ISA card, design unit with the 

                 adapt for the bad environment    marking software adopt  standardization

                                  working                               PCB product technology  

                 High-speed scanning vibrating       Radio frequency CO2 laser

                    mirror imported from U.S.A        generator imported from U.S.A


High reliability,long continuous operation time,clear and complete printing be compatible to,rich software,able to collect and manufacture various lables,non-contact processing,ensure original precision in the surface of workpiece as possible,suitable to engrave for many materials,remain long time,installing simply and maintenance conveniently. 

Application Area:

  Applicable Materials

Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,plexiglass,epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials. 

  ■ Applicable Industry

Widely used in leather,food,beverage,cloth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package and other industries,can be combined with streamline for online marking. 

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