YM-2512 Mix Laser Cutting Machine


By the designing of mix paths of ray and one-way sliding of the table, the whole system can stably run with higher precision and the cutting face can be smooth, that is suitable for the strict request of the cutting face.

 Box-structure base, after the annealing aging, 300days' natural aging, and vibration stress relief, and so on multi processing of stress relief, stable running can be assured in the operation.

 Both the lead-screw and guide-rail are in whole-sealing protection, that eliminates the dust pollution, reduce the maintenance, and extend the liftime of the transmission parts.

 Closed path of rays, quick-replaceable box lens-mount, ensure the lens neat and durable.

 Laser cutting head equipped with automatic height-tracking system, focusing automatically, responsing quickly and accurately, that guarantee the cutting quality.

 X,Y,Z axises all adopt Japan servo motor, that ensure top performance, quick response, and free maintenance.

 The famous brand of precise ball bearing screw rods in Japan & Korea for transmitting power, and the precise straight ball-guide for guiding & bearing, that ensure the machine run accurately. 

 Specially designed dust exhausting equipment keep the working condition free of smoke contamination.

Function characteristics:

 Resonant cavity designed to be stable-steel structure, work in constant ttemperature.

 Parallel-plane laser resonant cavity.

 World famous pneumatic parts and optical lens.

Laser path reflection control function.

 Longitudinal mode control function ensures the laser output mode to be stable.

 Working gases'axis flow velocity is adjustable intellectually,and laser output efficiency optimized.

 Working gas is a mixture of gases in fixed ratio to ensure the laser outputing stably.

 Multi-pack with high vacuum sealing technology, ensure the working gases' purity, greatly reduce its consumption, and lower the working cost.

 Photoelectric conversion ratio is up to 30%.

 PLC intelligent control system to ensure the stable working of the laser generator.

 Color LCD display, 17" large touch-screen, are convenient for operation. All the runing states, parameters are clear at a glance.

 Intelligent protections for over-current, over-pressure, leaking and other safety precautions are complete.


        LCD Touch Screen             PLC intellectualized          High-performance laser

                                                       control system                 cutting head esp.for

                                                                                                    metal cutting


       Root Pump for CO2                High precision ball            Vacuum pump for CO2

         laser generator                    screw transporation               laser generator

Digital control system: 

 Standard IPC With high stability, USB interface, Fast analog input/output, Fast digit input/output module, perpheral devices controlled by PLC

Adopted Windows operation system, CNC system special for PA8000NT laser machine from Power Automation, laser power control, and Z axis auto tracking & executing etc. softwares, that make it easy to realize line interpolation, circular interpolation, fitting, reverse clearance compensation, lead screw pitch compensation, and cutting compensation etc.

 MCP , 17" large screen for man-machine conversation, standard keyboard and mouse for operation and drawing, as well as Chinese/English interface for convenient operation.

Cutting software:

 Adopt AcadRcam, the professional programing software which base on AutoCAD and special for laser cutting, to optimize the layouts. Plus interactive man-machine conversation make it easy for user to do all laser processing operations on the platform of AutoCAD, such as inserting the pattern, making layouts, path optimizing, sequence optimizing, reseting the cutting direction and the starting point, etc. 

Expert database is installed and data can be selected from it manually or automatically during the cutting process. Also, customers can build their own usual cutting database according to their experience, and directly select them during the cutting.      

High-power CO2 laser generator

 YMF series Axis High Power CO2 Laser Generator is an optimized version of the latest generation of laser generator, which adopting Italian technology. Compared with the like products in the present market, it has obvious priority.

 Photoelectric conversion ratio is up to 30%,that is above 20% better than the like products.

 By resonant cavity designed to be the stable-steel structure, and adopting the constant temperature control to ensure the stable outpout of the laser beam.

 Laser power stability reaches1%,which is obviously much better than the other products of this species.

 Laser beam quality is perfect, and can reach TEM00 or TEM01 mode, therefore the laser processing quality is guaranteed.

 Low air consumption, at least 15% lower than the like products.

 Low electricity consumption, at least 10% lower than the like products. 

Axis high power CO2 laser generator   

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