Technical Parameters: 

 Working area: 1200mm×1200mm  

 Laser generator: Axis CO2 laser generator, laser power: 400W  

 Position Speed: Max.10m/min  

 Position Precision: ±0.05mm/m  

 Repeat Position Precision: ±0.02mm  

 Power Supply: 380Vac ±5%;50/60Hz 5 kVA  

 Environmental Temperature: 0-45°C  

Environmental Humidity: 50-95%RH  

 Total Weight: 1800kg

 Exterior dimensions (L×W×H): 2740×2020×1300(mm) 

Machine Configuration: 


   High-Power Axis CO2 Laser Generator              Whole sealed imported laser

          Based on Advanced Foreign                                  cutting head

               Original Technology  


                   Built-in CNC system                         Precision Ball-bearing screw rod

Technical Characters: 

 Adopted high tensile whole-weld machine bed like heavy machine, have good rigity, stability and anti-knock capability. 

Transmission by precision ball-bearing screw rods, linear guides to ensure high precision and speed. 

X、Y adopted AC servomotor with good dynamic performance, fast reaction and free of maintenance. 

 Equipped with dust-exhausting system, keep the working condition free of smoke contamination. 

 Laser generator isolated with the machine bed to ensure the laser beam stable,

matched with nice-featured high power axis CO2 laser generator, sealed reflector

path to extend the lens’ lifetime and to guarantee top cutting quality.  

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